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Guiding Principles

Strive for Five
Based on Michael Brandwein’s work, Strive for Five are the five fundamental skills that we believe are important for being effective at camp.
Fun skills demonstrate:
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Playing together
  • Positive attitude and spirit
Relationship skills demonstrate:
  • Respect:
    • Staff to Campers
    • Campers to Staff
    • Campers to each other
  • Listening to Support
    • Open expression of feelings
    • Being an “audience”
    • Understanding
    • Problem-solving
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Positive First Impressions
  • Being a good friend and helping others to make friends
  • Building Trust
  • Participating in camp traditions
Learning skills demonstrate:
  • Being good listeners
  • Being prepared and organized for activities
  • Adapting to different environments
  • Helping to teach others
Best Self
Best-Self skills demonstrate:
  • Following camp expectations
  • Being a responsible member of the community
  • Being respectful of all people on camp
  • Helping others to be their best-selves
Teamwork skills demonstrate:
  • Responsibility and dependability
  • Integrity
  • Flexibility
  • Staying safe, helping others to stay safe
  • Cooperation and communication
  • Enthusiasm and positive attitude